The Evolution of the View What is on the Horizon?

The view is one important factor in determining the value of a condominium, a house, cottage property, and some commercial space.

Properties offering superior views allow Developers to charge a premium and realize higher profits.

There is a quantum leap on the horizon for views.

But first let’s understand how views have evolved up until now.

With condominium views, back in the 1980’s, windows were small like those found in the bedrooms of houses.

Views were very limited unless someone stood with their face near the window.

Developers began to offer larger windows first, and then they evolved into wall to wall half height windows.

In a recent conversation I had with Peter Clews of Architects Alliance, Peter told me that there was quite a bit of resistance from Developers to embrace the next step, floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows.

The top Toronto Architect reported that this resistance was based on a potential concern about living in a fish bowl. The potential lack of privacy.

Despite this concern, the panoramic view was born and the public embraced the luxury feature.

Many people won’t realize that the view has evolved further.

One example here in Toronto is Daniel Liebskind’s L Tower.

The lower third of units and the upper third of units, facing north have a curved glass view.

This widens the perspective of the viewer similar to a car windshield effect.

North facing units on the lower third of the building have a wall to wall panoramic view but, due to the angle of the glass, have a greater perspective of what is happening lower than the normal site line of a traditional wall to wall panoramic view. They feel more connected to what is happening on the ground.

The higher units enjoy a “vertical panoramic view” in addition to the regular panoramic view.

An enhanced star and city view.

So what will the view of the future look like?

Well, in the 1980’s, the time when windows were small, many of us would not have believed that the general changes that we have experienced in life were realistic, especially when we compare it to how digital technology has evolved with computers, television, cell phones, and the Internet.

Those who still watch movies on television with their VCRs should stop reading now.

Imagine if you could have a different, breathtaking view anytime and on demand?

A view that you could not tell from the real thing.

A view from the hotel from your honeymoon or favorite vacation, or from Hong Kong, Dubai, London, or New York.

Live views, or time of day synced international views could be possible, providing an option to enjoy live sunsets and sunrises of your favorite views.

The choices are unlimited!

There is a clear, thin skin that can be applied to a window that acts as a television screen.

A high definition, digital projection TV, technology that continues to improve every year, can provide the picture for the custom view.

But it is not only condominiums with blocked views, or that lack views, that can benefit.

Imagine the views in regular houses, cottages, and commercial spaces that don’t have a premium view.

And one step further, basement apartments.

Windows are not needed. The custom, dream view can be projected onto a plain white wall, or a thin monitor can be seamlessly built into the wall.

With current and future technology, a sunrise could light up the room like daylight.

Add the sounds of waves and birds to an ocean view from a beach front holiday house in the Bahamas.

Perhaps one day technology will allow us to enjoy a cool ocean breeze on a hot summer day, even an ocean scented breeze.

A 3D view could bring interesting possibilities.

Imagine the health benefits of having this view available in hospitals.

There are positive emotional effects from the fireplace channel, the live picture of the wood burning fireplace.

Many 20 somethings will play music dance videos on their TVs and immediately elevate their moods before they go out to a club.

So there could be positive emotional effects from an enhanced digital view for everyone.

With a simple click of a button on a remote, a viewer could watch Television on their digital window, or have a custom sized giant TV within their digital window. Picture in picture.

The time will soon be upon us when one real view of the CN Tower, or the lake at the cottage, will be so 2017!

That’s the view of Scott Davie – Davie Real Estate Inc.